Steel Army Off-Season Cyberspace To Fill: What USL Did Right in 2015

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With two months now between us and the end of the 2015 Riverhounds season, we’ll take a look back and try to honestly evaluate three things that were done right and went wrong off-the-pitch in the last campaign. As this is off-season filler we’ll be stretching this out as long as possible by breaking this down into six parts. Enjoy… or not.

What USL Did Right – 11/28

What USL Did Wrong – 12/5

What the Riverhounds Did Right – 12/12

What the Riverhounds Did Wrong – 12/19

What the Steel Army Did Right – 1/2

What the Steel Army Did Wrong – 1/9


So, if the list above and title of the article did clue you in, we’ll examine three things we feel the league, USL, did right in the 2015 season. As with all these lists, it’ll have very little or nothing to…

Thanks, Mr. Nightingale

We still can't believe he rode the bus to Rochester with us. We still can’t believe he rode the bus to Rochester with us.

The rumors started swirling around last last week, and the confirmation came Monday morning; Richard Nightingale has stepped down as team president.

While there are conflicting reports surrounding his exit, we’re of the firm belief, after speaking to multiple sources, the Richard left on his own accord to pursue another opportunity and to rejoin his family who had not made the trek with him to Pittsburgh, from Oregon.

Richard reached out to our President, Maria Petrillo, last night to say his goodbyes and thanked the Army for a fun and memorial season and wished us all the best in the future.

We would like to take this moment to thank Richard for a fantastic season that saw a change in how the…

Weekend Recap: Cheers

Hound’s can’t hold out. Lose 4-2

I really dragged my feet to write this post. Not because I’m angry at the loss, or sad, or some other negative emotion. In fact, after the clock hit 120, sitting at Piper’s with some friends, it didn’t take long for me feel pretty ok about the whole thing. I just don’t really have anything else to say at this point. Yeah they lost, and it sucks. I’m sure that bus ride home wasn’t too fun either. But the Hounds were the Hounds, for better or worse. They’ve struggled to hold on to leads and defend set pieces all year, and it did them in. They played their game. It just wasn’t good enough to move on.

At no point on Saturday did I feel like they gave up on it. Last season there were games where the team obviously checked out. Not this year….

Gameday: New York Red Bulls II vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Spiffy graphic courtesy of the USL Twitter account.

5PM – Red Bull Arena
Watch Live via Youtube or at Piper’s Pub

AR1: Danny Thornberry
AR2: Tom Felice
4TH: Ernie Constantine

Playoffs baby! After a rollercoaster of a season the Riverhounds are back in the post season where they belong. Last week might as well have been a playoff game with the do or die game in Harrisburg. The Hounds got the job done, and any post season nerves the team might have were left in Harrisburg. Because of some stumbles through out the season the Hounds championship run is going to be completely on the road. Fortunately for them a first round match up against New York Red Bulls II is probably the best they could’ve hoped for. Over…