Weekend Recap: Stumbling When It Counts

Two games against Charlotte. 1 measly point. The Riverhounds Wild Ride continues. After looking good against Wilmington and Toronto II the Hounds are stumbling again, and at the worst possible time. This was one of those games where the Hounds had plenty of great chances but just couldn’t finish. A game like this earlier in the season you shrug off. Now that we’re in the final stretch it’s a major problem. Charlotte alone still have three games in hand on the Hounds after closing the cap. The lost points over the last two weeks are ones the Hounds desperately needed to hold onto 6th place. If the previous weekend was a good outcome for the Hounds, this one was terrible. Losing in Charlotte and other results around the league has dropped their playoff chances a whopping -24% to 36% overall. Not good. Before the home match two weeks…

Weekend Recap: Can we play Toronto every week?

The Hounds sweep the season series 3-0-0 by a score of 10 to 2.

It was a good weekend for the Hounds. They played a strong game against Toronto II and outside of a couple chances kept the Reds from looking all that dangerous. Even when they had chances loanee keeper Jesse Gonzalez did a great job defending the net. The only goal he let up was a screamer that I don’t think any keeper would’ve saved. Vincent keeps on keeping on, and Cabrilo put one in the back of the net in front of his family. All in all a good weekend and another confidence booster. This will be the last time the Hounds play Toronto II this year. It’s a bit of a shame really. It’s nice getting an easy 9 points off of an opponent over the course of a season.

A surprising story going into this game…

Announcing The Steel Army Bus To Harrisburg


We asked…

You answered…

We announce….

After strong demand for a bus trip to close out the regular season in Harrisburg, we’ve made a few phone calls and grabbed what may be the only remaining charter bus in the Western PA region for September 19.

That’s right, we are going strong for a second, get a little crazy, make a little noise, don’t think about getting any sleep on the drive home bus trip of the season!

The cost per seat is $35, with reservations being taken in our on-line store. The itinerary for the day looks like this…

1:00 PM – Depart from the West Lot of Highmark Stadium

2:30-3:00 – Rest stop along the PA Turnpike

4:45 ~ 5:00 Arrive at McGrath’s Pub in ‘downtown’ Harrisburg (Same joint we took over last year)

6:00 – March onto the island and into Skyline Sports Complex

7:00 –…

Weekend Recap: YES! YES! YES!

Dadadadadadada ROBBIE VINCENT!


And that’s how you end a slump! After looking really shaky the last few weeks the Hounds return home and put their foot down against the Wilmington Hammerheads. Rob Vincent continues being the best thing since sliced bread and gets his first professional hat trick. You can probably still smell the smoke in Highmark Stadium. Hat tricks aren’t very common in soccer so anytime you get to see one it’s a fun night. I don’t know what else to say about his season this year, other than it would be pretty awesome to have the golden boot winner and leave MVP twice in three seasons.

Even though the Hounds picked up a couple loanees, and having Thompson back, they rolled with what has become a pretty standard line up sans Arena. For the most part they looked pretty good though there…