Weekend Recap: I can’t even

The Hounds lay a turd.

On Fire

Yesterday at the half I was ready to write a very different post. The Hounds were up and looking strong. The defense was shutting down any threat. After a couple bad weeks the Hounds were back in the driver’s seat.

Then the second half happened.

What that the hell was that?

What the hell?


I want to write that twenty more times and call this a day. There’s bad losses where they were never really in it like in Montreal. Then there is whatever this was. The Hounds were up a man, up two goals, and when the clock hit 90 they were sitting there with another notch in the loss column. It was tough to tell if the Hounds were disinterested or just completely gassed on the second half. The former is completely unacceptable. The latter would be…

Weekend Recap: Down and out in 6th place

With all the pomp and circumstance surrounding Meghan Klingenberg some might say Saturday night was a good night despite the loss. For those of us concerned about the product on the field it was anything but.

Let’s get the good things out of the way first before this turns into a downer.

1) Everything with Klingenberg. Great turn out to see her and a great the reception by the crowd. Also it was great of her to swing by the supporters section for a photo or two. We really appreciate it.

2) Vincent and Kerr still keep on keeping on. Which leads me to my downer section-

It’s been said before, and of increasing frequency lately, that the lack of production from the striker position is of concern. Dare I say it’s now blown up into a full on major issue. As prolific as Vincent and Kerr has been this year, they…

Gameday 18: Pittsburgh Riverhounds vs Louisville City FC


7pm – Highmark Stadium

Purchase Tickets - Limited Tickets Remain

Match Officials, as assigned by PRO:


REF: Mr. John Douglas
AR1: Mr. Justin Frear
AR2: Mr. Justin Mazzeo
4TH: Mr. Erik Blackburn

Morning Line Odds, via Bet365

PIT +130

Draw +240

LOU +160

Sports can be mean. Just when you think most everything has been figured out and you can take a breather, sports decides to be mean.

FC Montreal 4:2 Pittsburgh Riverhounds

With that result and the three points that stayed in Quebec, the Hounds wake up this morning with a HUGE game against expansion-ish side Louisville City FC.

For the Hounds, it’s got to be about putting last Sunday…

Gameday 16: Toronto FC II vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds

image1(10)8PM – Ontario Soccer Centre

Watch Live Via the YouTubes

Match Officials have not been announced by the Canadian Soccer Association


Riverhounds Yellow Card Watch (5 cautions to a match ban)

Danny Earls – 5 (Suspension Served 7/4)

Anthony Arena – 4

Kevin Kerr – 4

Stephen Okai – 3

Matt Dallman – 1

Willie Hunt – 1

Lebo Moloto – 1

Amara Soumah – 1

Russell Drew – 1

Robbie Vincent – 1

Morning Line Odd via Bet365

TOR +120

Draw +250

PIT +180

For as much of a garage league the USL can be, they got one thing right over last season: the…