Mark Steffens Is The Riverhounds Next Head Coach

Mark Steffens

JR: …it’s great to see Dave Brandt and Tuffy McShallenberger finally here in this ring. It’s been a tough year for Riverhounds Entertainment and to finally see these two sign this… wait… who’s that coming down the ramp? … OH MY GOD IT’S MARK STEFFENS! MARK STEFFENS! HE’S GOT A CHAIR! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! HE KNOCKED BRANDT OUT COLD! STEFFENS IS SIGNING HIS NAME ON THE CONTRACT! I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT!

After multiple reports that the Riverhounds were perusing Navy’s Dave Brandt (and some implying a deal was close) the Riverhounds announced today that former Charlotte Eagles coach Mark Steffens will be our next head coach. We go now to the reaction in the streets-


Ok ok that’s a little harsh. I have to admit it was easy to get…

Off-Season Speculation: Division 2 Hullabaloo


Over the weekend Reckless Challenge broke the story that the USL PRO is looking to apply for Division 2 status with the USSF in 2017. The story sure sent a shock wave across online soccer communities. With the ever increasing MLS influence, USL PRO becoming a Division 2 league has been something people liked to speculate about for a while now. To see it in an actual scoop caught a lot of folks by surprise. For those of you knew to following lower division soccer, the USL used to encompass Division 2 and Division 3 with USL-1 and USL-2. In 2009-2010 there was a split with some teams breaking off to form the new NASL while the rest stayed with USL PRO. NASL became D2, USL PRO became D3, and here we are today.

There’s already been a lot of…

Announcing the 2015 AGM

Get out your calendars, iPads, Google Calendar, or whatever you kids use to mark down future events. The 2015 Steel Army Annual General Meeting is set.

2015 Steel Army AGM

Sunday, February 22


Hough’s Taproom

563 Greenfield Ave – Pittsburgh PA

For the uninformed, the AGM is our big meeting prior to the season where the Army gets together to discuss the upcoming season, ways to improve from last year, officially kick-off the 2015 membership run, and vote on open board positions for the next year. That and catch-up with everyone you haven’t seen since starting your winter hibernation.

Membership packages will be available for purchase AND pick-up this year. The goal is to have everything shipped to us and sorted so that you have your stuff at the AGM and we aren’t using valuable time in the lead-up to…

Holiday Party is Tonight

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve got a party tonight.


In addition to all the awesome stuff listed on the flyer, we’ll also have some Army-specific things taking place.

- This will be this first opportunity to purchase your 2015 Army membership in person. The swag won’t be available until the Annual General Meeting (AGM) but we are encouraging everyone who knows they are definitely going to be joining the Army for next season to sign-up early. The more memberships we have this month, the better we will be able to ensure we can have everything made and shipped in one order, thus saving us some cash for thing more fun than shipping costs.

- Speaking of the AGM, we will announce the date, time, and location of the 2015 AGM. Last year we had…