Rencontrez les nouvelles équipes: FC Montréal

Avec USLPro expansion de 14 à, au moins, 22 équipes et deux autres franchises de déménager et de lancer de nouvelles identités, nous avons pensé que nous pourrions tuer certains de la morte-saison ennui en vous permettant de faire connaître la nouvelle concurrence. “Rencontrez les nouvelles équipes“ se déroulera, à peu près, toutes les deux semaines menant à Mars 2015.



Nom: FC Montréal

Ville: Montréal, Québec

Accueil Champ: Stade Saputo (temporaire)

Ligues précédentes (le cas échéant): Aucun

Le Groupe de supporters: Aucun

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The Riverhounds Finally Sign Some Dudes


Yesterday the Riverhounds finally announced their first couple signings for the 2015 season. We’ve heard through the grape vine about some of the regulars coming back, which is great, but unless I missed something during my holiday hangover this is the first official announcement on the 2015 roster. And it’s a nice announcement. It shows the Hounds are working on keeping around some of the better players from last season, and also that they’re going out and looking for talent to fill a couple holes on the roster. It would’ve been easy for them to settle with whoever floated down the river after the bankruptcy mess, and I’m sure many of us expected that. Seeing who they’re bringing in gives me a little more confidence in team this year.

Anthony Arena
Word came out last week that…

Venue Change for AGM


We’re very happy to announce that this year’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) will now be held at Highmark Stadium! The event is still scheduled for 3pm on Saturday Sunday, February 22.

In addition to all the normal happenings at the AGM, we will also be joined by new Riverhounds and Highmark Stadium President, Richard Nightingale. We get to meet him, he gets to meet us, and we all discuss how to make things better for all parties involved!

Food and drinks will be provided, so no need to worry about not having the tools of socializing with each other after months apart! With that said, we would love to have an estimate of how many people will be attending. So, if you know you’ll be there, please visit the meeting’s Facebook event page and mark yourself down. If you aren’t…

Help us design a banner!

Hey Army! We’re thinking of making a new banner to put up behind our section. The one we have up now is getting old and beat up. Plus it’s a little on the small side. Much like our Tifo’s, I want to go big so that there’s no mistaking who we are. Unfortunately I’m having a bit of designers block and need your help. For the next few weeks I want you to send me your ideas. We need a banner that says “Steel Army”. It could be simple and literal like the Timbers Army banner. It could be a slogan like the Cauldron’s “Welcome to the Blue Hell.” It could be some kick ass design I can’t even think of. Whatever! The sky is the limit! It just has to be something you think represents us and will look great on a large scale.

If you have an idea send…