Off-season Speculation: 2015 Kits

It’s already been a busy off-season for USL PRO announcing expansion team after expansion team (which we’ll talk about more another time). Sadly for the Riverhounds it’s been as quiet as a morgue. By all accounts they can’t actually do anything until the bankruptcy stuff is settled. Last I heard that will be on November 3rd so hopefully one way or the other some information should start to trickle out soon. At any rate a recent pair of posts gives us the opportunity to do some good old speculating for next year since we don’t have anything else to talk about.

2015 Kits

There was a rumor over the summer that during this off-season the Riverhounds would go through a re-brand to bring themselves more inline with the rest of Pittsburgh sports. Basically officially make their colors black and gold among other things. Kutney has mentioned the black and gold thing…

2014 Steel Army Open: Results and Pictures

First off, a huge “Thank You” to everyone who didn’t get scared off by the weather report and ventured out to Freeport for what turned out to be an awesome event. For those of you who didn’t make it out, two things; 1) For shame and 2) As long as we didn’t destroy the course too much and are allowed back, the consensus from everyone there was that we should do it again. With that said, here is the final tally board and some pictures.


2014 Steel Army Open – October 4, 2014

Cabin Greens Gold Course – 72 Par



Tournament Day: 2014 Steel Army Open


Cabin Greens Golf Course – 1pm

Tournament Day, kids.

With a mostly disappointing 2014 Riverhounds campaign in the books, it’s time for a final get together before winter sets in and the planning for 2015 kicks into high gear.

A couple notes for today so that we can get the most out of our time;

- This is way harder than you would think. A couple of us went out last weekend to try it out and have a better idea of logistics for today. Our collective pride took a hit. Be prepared to be a little frustrated. Let the beer calm the nerves.

- We are imposing a stroke limit for every hole of two times par. So, it’s a par three hole, a maximum of six strokes. Maximum of…

Steel Army Open News, Notes, Reminders

We hope everyone is excited as we our for our First Annual Steel Army Open! We are ready to go over some specifics and reminders so everyone can have an enjoyable afternoon (and evening?) on October 4.

We have decided the tournament will run with an individual stroke play format, as you would see in a majority of tournaments. We decided on this format because we felt there wouldn’t be an equitable way to divide up into teams from people who have not expressed interest in playing with specific partners. Furthermore, without knowing how many people will be showing up without having pre-registered, we wanted to cut down on as much day-of confusion as possible.

If there are co-leaders after 18 holes, there will be as many 1-hole playoff rounds as needed to determine a winner.

We are looking at having groups go out as foursomes, with a shotgun start.

Please have…