A Rough Road Leads To The Stars

This season has been a rough road. A lot of things happened that no one would have wanted or could have imagined. These problems are numerous, and have been on-field and off. That has lead to a less-than-satisfying season. This season has been a rough road.

What has happened is in the past. It can’t be changed, but it shouldn’t be forgotten. To ignore what happened this year would be an invitation to repeat its misery. No one wants that.

This has been a year of growth and learning, both for the Steel Army and the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

We use today as our pledge to improve, to bring a stronger and better supporters’ group into 2015.

We also, today, ask that Pittsburgh Riverhounds ownership and management pledge to improve. Replace the social media blister with tangible improvements and focus on making the decisions that are necessary to move this club forward. Put the right…

Welcome to the offseason

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Here we are in the offseason- a little earlier than expected. The Hounds cap off an extremely disappointing season laying a turd at home and now we’re left standing around scratching our heads wondering where did this promising season go oh so wrong. But hey, always look on the bright side of life right? We didn’t finish last and if this was England we weren’t relegated *party whistle*

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who came out to the supporters section this season. What we do is not possible without you. This is the first year we formally kept track of our numbers and it’s completely blown us away. It’s been a rough year for sure, but it’s also the kind of season that will harden you as a die hard supporter. We hope to see you all back…

Gameday 28: Pittsburgh Riverhounds vs Arizona United


7PM – Highmark Stadium

Watch Live Via YouTube, Here

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A lot of crap went down this year; bankruptcy, starting out win-less in 10 matches, Jason Evans’ sacking, massive player strife, Collins John begging off the team, Houston loanee players bouncing up and down (or at concerts), and some real dodgy officiating calls. However, through all that, this team is one more win, at home, from putting themselves in a position to grab a playoff spot. Hell, even 7th place is a possibility if everything falls into place.

What does that mean for the team? They have 90 minutes to lay it all on the line and then let the chips fall where they may.

What does that mean for the Army? We have 90 minutes to…

#UNLEASH a Blackout



Hey Army.

It’s been a long and tough season this year that may or may not come to an end on Saturday. What is for sure is that no matter what Saturday will be the last home game of the year. As we stare into the abyss that is the post season it’s important for us to stand together as supporters. No matter what happens we are one group and one team. We don’t put “There’s Only One” and “Live By the Cub, Die By the Club” on our scarves for shits and giggles. In that vein (and a great suggestion from Jordan) we want to institute a blackout in the supporters section for Saturday’s match. Dortmund has their yellow wall. Let’s make a black hole.

On Saturday wear some black. Wear black to unite as a supporters…

So Long, and Thanks for All the Lisch

So Long and Thanks For All The Lisch

When the Houston Dynamo’s Tally Hall left the game with an injury last Friday, Lisch’s days as a Riverhounds were numbered. Word came out yesterday that Hall’s injury was a season ending ACL tear, and that Lisch would be heading back to Houston to be their #2 for the remainder of the MLS season. It’s actually a rather neat book end to his time with the Hounds. Lisch joined, and left, due to another keeper’s injury.

Lisch was the bright spot of the Riverhounds affiliation with the Houston Dynamo this season. At the beginning of the season of all the positions we figured a loan from Houston would be beneficial, a keeper was at the bottom of the list. But as fate would have it an injury in the first game to Hunter changed all…