The Iron Price

The 2014 season was a disappointment to say the least. With the bankruptcy looming over everything and the team under performing on the field, all the excitement and energy going into 2014 ended up at the bottom of the Mon. We tried to stay optimistic but by the end I think there was a bit of relief it was over. As we watched the fortunate sons lift their first USL Cup the question that ran through my mind was “well…. now what?”

Ad astra per aspera- Through hardships to the stars

That was the saying on our end of the season tifo last year. Through hardships to the stars. Clubs go through rough patches all the time. It’s the nature of sports. During these times the will and resolve of both the players and fans are tested. It’s how you deal with it that truly makes you great. Fires and crucibles and…

Gameday 1: Pittsburgh Riverhounds vs Harrisburg City Islanders


Highmark Stadium

Things to know for the opener, 2015 edition

The home opener is this weekend and we’re running around like kids on Christmas. Whether you’re a new member or a returning one, we have a bunch of information to make sure you know for Saturday.

First and foremost tickets are still available. Tell your friends to quit complaining about the cold and drag their butts down to the game!


Our tailgate starts at 2pm in the west lot between the Fort Pitt Bridge and Highmark Stadium. If you’re crazy enough to come earlier then hats off to you. We’ll in the same area as last year, roughly the blue section of the above map.

It’s a little weird to have to talk about this, but the parking people at Station Square can be real jagoffs sometimes. Particularly about being in the…

Player News and Notes: Last Minute Signings, Call Ups, and Injuries

Week 1 of the 2015 USL season is finally upon us! Let’s recap some player news that will impact the team going into this weekend.


The Riverhounds sign midfielder Nick Kolarac, forward Max Touloutte, goal keeper Calle Brown, and striker Vini Dantas. We mentioned Kolarac and Touloutte in the round up post the other week. I didn’t really get a good sense of either of them during the preseason. I do have to say from what little I saw of Touloutte, man is he fast. Probably a result of being an indoor player and the sprinting that goes on there. Hopefully he has the stamina to run up and down a full size field all game.

Brown’s signing was a bit unexpected though I suppose only having two keepers on the roster for a season is a little risky. Brown…