GAME 4 RECAP: Purple Rain


Going into this game I felt a draw was probably the best case scenario, especially when facing the top team in the league. If I would’ve woken up this morning and saw the 2-2 score line, I would’ve been pretty happy. Unfortunately I watched the game, and the manner in which the Hounds got the draw has left me very frustrated.

Most of the match the Hounds were playing reactionary soccer. There was very little possession or attacking pressure. For the most part Louisville got to do what they wanted. The Hounds never appeared to be playing to win, but playing to not lose. Having a pair of 2-2 draws so close to each other is great juxtaposition. In Toronto the game was back and forth with great chances from both sides. The Hounds were able to pressure Toronto and had plenty…

Know Your Enemy: Louisville City FC


Opponent: Louisville City FC
Record: 4-1-0 (1st in East)
Supporters: The Coopers, Louisville Heritics, Derby City Ultras, and probably 5 other groups we missed.

The Riverhounds travel to Kentucky Wednesday night to face first place Louisville City FC. This could either be a huge win to possibly kick start a season, or things could go the other way and our negative momentum will continue to grow. Lets delve in to whats going on with the other table topping LCFC and check out their season so far and their supporters.

Louisville is in their second year as a franchise and appears to be one of the better expansion teams, passing the Hounds in both attendance and on field performance. LCFC play at Slugger Field, a minor league baseball field that holds 8,000 for soccer games. They’re a well attended…

GAME 3 RECAP: Seeing Red

I don’t have much to say about Friday’s ugly loss. Kerr’s red card threw the team completely out of sync, and they were never really able to recover. I give the Hounds credit for trying to play aggressive while a man down instead of bunkering. However by the end of the game their attempts to whip it up the field as quick as possible as getting ugly to watch. Steffens talks about playing a strong possession based system, and when they’ve done it this season they’ve looked really good. Unfortunately with the way the match unfolded it wasn’t happening.

With the game on a Friday night we had a nice long weekend to digest the loss and get it through our system. There’s still time to right the ship after this rocky start. It’s a long season with 27 games to go. The Hounds won’t have too long to dwell…

Know Your Enemy: Orlando City B


Opponent: Orlando City B
Record: 0-3-1 (13th in East)
Supporters Group: Harbor City Hooligans, Iron Lion Firm

The Hounds host Orlando City B on a rare Friday night game at the Highmark. This will be the second consecutive game versus a MLS reserve side. Our boys are still looking for their first win as is our opponent OCB.

Are you down with OCB? Well, yes, you know me. Orlando City B comes to Pittsburgh with 1 point from their first four games and judging from match reports they have struggled to find their footing as a new reserve side in this league. They opened the season with two home games, losing to Wilmington and clinging to the bitter end to earn a scoreless draw against Charleston. OCB goalie Mark Ridgers earned USL team of the week honors for his 7…