Steel Army/Ruffneck Scarf Design Contest

By @SAdyson


We’re teaming up with Ruffneck Scarves for a new Steel Army Special Edition Scarf scarf, and we need your help!

Scarves are an easily identifiable item for every soccer supporter. It says something of the group, the team and it is a rallying symbol for those that love the beauty of the game.

In American support, it has grown exponentially over the last decade with the expansion of different soccer leagues. Along with that, supporters groups have been founded and are expanding game after game, season after season.

Ruffneck Scarves ( has also been at the forefront at this growth. Their custom-made scarves can be seen in the hands of many soccer supporters groups across the country.

The Steel Army, supporters group for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds of USL PRO, is excited to join again with Ruffneck Scarves in partnership to grow and promote the game. “In the past we have worked with Ruffneck and are happy to join up with them again,” said Ben Cole, President of the Steel Army. “We are friends with the owners, so it’s always nice and easy to make the partnership more than that. This is a friendship between two organizations that want nothing more than soccer support in American to prosper.”


  1. Scarves are to be 59” x 7”
  2. No more than 4 colors and must be Steel Army colors (official pantone colors are available to use)
  3. There must be two open spaces on the scarf, 1 on each side near the tassels for the official Steel Army logo and the Ruffneck Scarves logo
  4. No swear words or explicit designs
  5. Buzzwords to use, but not limited to: Steel Army, ISA, 202, Defenders of East End, East End
  6. Your design must be original. No takes on other supporters groups scarves or designs will be up for consideration. Designs must not have any other logos or insignias not of the Steel Army.

***ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE E-MAILED TO: pghsteelarmy [at] gmail [dot] com

DEADLINE: Sunday April 28th by NOON (EST)

TEMPLATE: Download the following zipped file to use as the template.

SA Scarf Template


The winning design will be printed on 100 Ruffneck scarves, and the winner will also receive a FREE scarf!